How far to the best in the world?

Asks David Killick



How far do West Cumbrians have to travel to see the best in the world? The best footballers, for example – Manchester perhaps, or Newcastle? And how far do we have to go to see some of the best art in the world? Liverpool perhaps, or Glasgow?

And what about the best string quartet playing in the world? The answer is – MORESBY! The Belcea Quartet came to Rosehill Theatre recently to give a concert of Beethoven quartets, and proved themselves to be among the very best such ensembles in the world today. The Quartet have decided to spend two or three years playing nothing but the 16 Beethoven quartet works, and they are much in demand the world over to give a series of recitals to include them all. Rosehill Theatre are to be congratulated on persuading them to break in to their busy schedule of concerts and broadcasts to give a performance in West Cumbria.

And what a performance it was! The two early quartets they played enabled them to demonstrate their phenomenal technique and painstakingly crafted ensemble playing, with every phrase honed and perfected. Such attention to detail could have lent a little artificiality to their performance. But not a bit of it. Even in the late work which brought their recital to an end, the Belcea Quartet made complete sense of movements which – in the hands of lesser players – can easily sound disjointed and incoherent. The whole audience felt privileged to be present at such a very special performance. Grateful thanks to the Belcea Quartet – and to Rosehill Theatre for bringing them to West Cumbria.

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The Belcea Quartet discuss early experiences with their instruments

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