Your Letters – January 2012

Welcome to Dave’s Cartoons

Dear Editor,

The arrival of cartoons from Dave Bradley is just brilliant. When he describes himself growing up (last issue) it was cartoons here, there and everywhere it seems. I met Dave when I was working in Egremont and was part of a team who used to go into Wyndham School to do a ‘religious/spiritual slot’. Dave was 6th form tutor and I think somewhat agnostic and suspicious, and I was a bit anxious as he led me into the 6th form common room with these lanky young men and women draped around. But everywhere on the walls there were massive Bradley cartoons, sharp, perceptive, funny and keeping everybody sane. Including me. So it was fine. So welcome Dave – and your Christmas cards every year since then are collectors’ items!

David Wood


NHS under threat



Our local hospital is facing a systematic run-down of funding that will eventually force deep cuts in the medical services available to our community. This inevitably means longer waiting times and fewer doctors, nurses and medical support staff. The coalition is determined to pursue cuts of £20bn on the NHS nationally. This is indefensible and shows a callous disregard for the collective health of the whole nation. There is no doubt that the NHS is being carefully dismantled. The NHS is is a highly valued service with a world wide reputation for dedication and competence. It should not be treated with such cavalier disdain. Cameron’s pledge, “The NHS is safe with us” has worn pretty thin and is now threadbare. Sadly this is only the beginning. Privatisation is on the horizon. The Coalition should think twice before proceeding with this damaging action.
Richard Carr

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