E2D Belongs to You. Claim It!

With this issue we complete our first year as E2D.  Although we set up as a ‘Social Enterprise’,  we have made it on no income except advertising revenue.  Our aim was to publish a community newspaper (building on the long established popularity of Egremont Today) as a company not established for profit and in that respect we have been mightily successful.  There is no financial profit to be seen!    Our company is not bust and we can carry on publishing, but we have to look realistically at our prospects of repeating the trick for another twelve monthly editions.

We have confessed our doubts to a number of friends and we seem to be receiving a resonant answer.  Lady Egremont’s upright figure has graced many occasions in which the heritage of Egremont with its mines and castle has been celebrated and our photo shows the occasion of the unveiling of Paul Bainbridge’s sculpture in the Castle grounds.  She has made a generous subscription and has agreed to be our patron, writing:

“I would be very much like to congratulate most warmly you and all who decided to give Egremont a most interesting and entertaining voice in Egremont 2 Day. I do hope that all in Egremont and district will promote its success in every way they can.”

Jonni Stratton-Brook has also paid a subscription, well aware that, like 11,500 others, she would still have received our paper free of charge as long as we keep going.  She describes it as a life-line and sends E2D regularly to a friend in New Zealand who enjoys reading it.  “Long may Egremont 2Day continue!” she writes.

Francis Dunnery whose songs have made Gulley Flatts famous in Japan writes from America appealing to us not to let this valuable local newspaper disappear. “Give this paper your support and fight to keep alive a local Egremont tradition before it gets lost amongst the faceless mainstream media,” he writes from America.

Ashley Napier who has made it all the way from Orgill Infant School pupil to Oxford don writes: “E2D, to me, epitomises the idea of community, a sounding board for Egremont and surrounding towns and villages written, printed, and funded by the people. When away from home it is a window back into my town, allowing me to keep up with the big and amazing things this small populace gets up to. Personally, I have felt the support of the E2D since 2004 when I got involved with the Cumbria Rungwe Community Link. It’s always nice to know that lots of people feel a sense of pride for a fellow Egremontonian, because after all we came from the same melting pot.”

“As the Leveson inquiry underlines the corrupt ethics and practices of the national press it is timely to appreciate the values implicit in a campaigning community paper such as Egremont 2Day,” writes novelist Frederick Lightfoot, in a stinging indictment of free market orthodoxy, which we will soon publish in full on our website and print in our next edition.  “It is that interest in the stories of people in the area, coupled with a concern about how contemporary politics and economics affects those lives, that make Egremont 2Day so important to the community. I hope it prospers and keeps on highlighting the many and varied stories of people in our community that prove there is such a thing as society.” Read More From Frederick

We are also proud of the support of distinguished journalist, Alan Cleaver, who writes:

“The people of Egremont and Cleator Moor probably don’t realise just how lucky they are to have a friend like E2D drop through their letterbox each month. Newspapers which have such a strong link with their communities are rare and becoming rarer. And while digital-this and internet-that are all very useful (as long as you have a computer!), there’s nothing to beat sitting down with a quality paper product in your hands. E2D is written by the local community, published and delivered by the community and is for the community. But please don’t take it for granted. The routine appearance of E2D belies the tremendous amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. If you can spare some time to help out, you’ll not only be serving your community but also joining a wonderful group of friends producing first-rate stories and a product of which you can be proud.”

We are very sorry that we did not quote this accurately in our printed paper.

Other people have been proving their support all the time by helping to deliver our paper and sending in contributions, like Alison’s report on John Peel’s Shed.  We just need more of you to do that.  You could see your own stories or photos in print.   Or you could help us to get our business affairs in order.  E2D does not belong to us but to you. We want younger people to step forward and claim their heritage.

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