Monthly Archives: April 2012


Francis Dunnery and Starting Point in partnership

“There’s no shame in giving up alcohol, quite the contrary, it was only when I stopped drinking that my life became incredibly interesting and fun” Starting Point’s new patron, Francis…


Typically British Show at WLA

On Thursday 29th March, West Lakes Academy Theatre will be holding a show.  The first half features GCSE performers taking part in their final piece of coursework.  The second half…


Sense of Fun prevails At Copeland Schools Exhibition

The overwhelming impression we take from the Copeland Schools’ Exhibition at Lowes Court is a sense of fun.  That comes across from the fantastically cheerful dragon, created by a lively…


How Rangers Rose to the Challenge

By Mitch Steele   In the second round of the Cup Mont yet again Rose to the Challenge, with a hard fought victory over Premier league side Ince Rose Bridge….


Let Them Eat Jam at Rosehill Theatre

“A Summer’s Day Has Got Nowt On You”   Let Them Eat Jam at Rosehill Theatre   With the entry of Mrs Ross and her devoted attendant, Dennis, Coney productions…


Make Haste Slowly, warns Adam

It’s April and Mother Nature’s blossom time, the month of magnolias and camellias, two of the loveliest spring blossoms but so very vulnerable in any late frosts.  Keep the garden…


Help Us Light Up Egremont’s Christmas

The campaign to brighten up Egremont’s next Christmas has received a huge boost from the support of our champion fundraiser for local causes, Dot Swinburn.  She loves to see people…


Steam to the Hills

Says Eliot Andersen Spring is now well and truly with us, and there as the days grow longer and the nights draw out, there has scarcely been a better time…


St Thomas Cross Employer of the Year

In difficult times it becomes more important than ever to make the most of your resources.  That is why Copeland Apprenticeship Initiative was developed as a partnership Lakes College, Copeland…


Windscale Squash Juniors Get a Taste of The Big Time

17 Windscale juniors made the early 06-00 morning start to catch the Brownriggs coach to Manchester recently for an under 11 taster day at the National Squash Centre, Sport City,…